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Why Blueprint?

At Blueprint we understand how important strong relationships are to business success—loyal customers, engaged staff, committed suppliers, satisfied investors. We are a communications and marketing consultancy with deep roots in digital strategy, helping companies develop and maintain these relationships.
Our clients benefit from the insight of our thoughtful, senior professionals. We can help you navigate complex issues, engage stakeholders and customers, and drive your business forward.

Blueprint is the proud strategic partner of McMillan Vantage Policy Group, a national full-service public affairs consultancy—the only one of its kind anchored in a national law firm offering services to Canadian-based and international clients.

The Blueprint team is called on when it counts—when clients need sound judgement, specialized expertise, focused plans and real solutions.


Blueprint delivers communications and marketing plans as well as digital road maps that reflect your reality and advance your business strategy.


Success is in the details and execution—we can be there every step of the way to support, oversee or fully manage the implementation process, post-strategy.

Who are we?

Each team member is a seasoned professional

Blueprint brings a long-standing record of trusted expertise and meaningful results to every client. Each team member is a seasoned professional with comprehensive experience in providing strategic—and actionable—communications, marketing and digital strategy counsel to executives. We have helped clients in construction, transportation, sports and entertainment, retail, regulatory agencies, government departments and Parliament as well as in health care and education.

The Blueprint difference?

  • Exclusively senior professionals, adept at working with boards and executives
  • Sharply skilled for complex, multi-stakeholder projects and initiatives
  • Deep understanding of digital technologies and their impact on how organizations communicate, influence, serve customers and do business
  • Dedicated, personal commitment to each client’s success

  • Professional judgement
  • Personal commitment
  • Extraordinary service

Our Team

Each Blueprint team member is a seasoned professional with
comprehensive experience in providing strategic — and actionable — counsel.
Robyn Osgood, APR
Skilled strategist, project manager
Isabelle Perrault
Isabelle Perrault
Partner, Marketing and Digital Transformation
Marketing and digital transformation strategist
Wendy Cumming
Wendy Cumming
Senior Associate
Seasoned communications strategist
Veronica Green
Veronica Green
Consultant, Strategic Communications
Communications strategist, skilled researcher
Lisa Brazeau
Lisa Brazeau
Senior Associate
Bilingual communications strategist
Joel Baglole
Joel Baglole
Media relations expert, skilled writer
Carl Martin
Carl Martin
Senior Associate
Bilingual media relations expert

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